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We focus on the aftercare of life after many different scenarios.

All resources are to help ensure that the dignity of all survivors are restored. That their faith is restored. That their family is restored. Relationships restored. Life restored 180 degrees.

Life After Loss

Whether it be a friend or a family member, lost can be devastating. When someone you love dies, it will feel like your heart has been physically ripped from your chest. When someone has had so much influence in your life, when you lose them, it can be so detrimental to your overall health. The person that has passed can no longer feel pain but you do, so what do you do now?
The Chrishaun Foundation can provide counseling to make sure you get back acclimated into normalcy. We understand that everyone grieves differently and are dedicated to providing resources catered to your specific needs.

Lie After Divorce

Be at your first few months, common law, or married for decades, marriage is hard work. When a decision is made to no longer be together, it can feel as if your life is over, and your like is crumbling before your very eyes. Divorce can make you think you no longer have a partner nor a friend and the person you want aligned with who promise to love you forever just shattered your world.
The Chrishaun foundation is here to get you back to you. So many people become lost in another person, and we are here to help you get on track financially, emotionally, and mentally as you embark on a new journey of you. Counseling, seminars, and financial classes are just a few provided by the foundation that’s on your side.

Life After Domestic violence

Beat down, spot on, burned, slapped are words that don’t even begin to describe the pain shooting through your soul as you try to carry out daily life. How are you supposed to go to work, to a friend’s house, the grocery store when you were slammed against the wall with a bloody nose just a few minutes ago? Whether it’s happening now, or you haven’t healed from previous incidents, the Chrishaun foundation is here to get you help.

Life After Health crisis

Multiple hospital visits and/or hospitalization is always the least ideal situation that you might have planned for your life. Not only is the financial aspect of it horrible, the feeling of loneliness and sickness can be tedious and excruciating. During sickness, family may disappear and people who you have treated well and trusted will walk away. The family that does stick around will never understand what you’re going through and sometimes pity will seem worse than pain.

Life After Addiction

Life is full of ups and downs and can be trying. Some turned to alcohol and drugs thinking “if I can just get away from it all even for an hour, it would be worth it “. You take a substance just to have a moment of peace in your life where just for one second in time, you’re not a failure. As you swallow or inhale, a brief moment of relief comes across your body Because you know the feeling that is to come, bliss. A high that takes you away from reality and you never want to go back. After your high is over, you sleep and disappear into a land of dreams. When you wake up it’s back to your life, your miserable life. So, what do you do?
You choose that high again and again. The Chrishaun foundation can help you change that life and make a new high in which life is meaningful.

Life After The military

Fighting daily for your country’s freedom is tiresome. People say you are lucky because you get to travel around the world for free, but that is not the case. Veterans pay for those trips with their sanity and their own freedom. You are separated from friends, family, and life as we know it day in and day out, you sacrifice your bodies, mines, and souls for a thankless people. When you return no one knows or seems to care that you once slept in a hole that you dug for yourself. You are appreciated by the foundation, and we want to help you get back to society with counseling and financial help.

Life After Homelessness

We are all one paycheck away from sleeping on the street. People pretend as though they have it all together and look down upon the homeless. Watching people pass you by as you stand outside can be tear-jerking. They treat you as though you’re diseased and will throw a measly amount of change at you that you couldn’t get a happy meal with. Cold nights. Hot days with no food or water are hard and sleeping with the rats that surround you can make you want to die. If you do get lucky enough to be able to sleep in a shelter, you must worry about someone taking the little bit of property you do own or possibly touching you inappropriately. Come to the Chrishaun foundation and we can help you get your life back on track.